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What impact does family have during the different stages of our lives?

Monday, January 24, 2011

An Extraordinary Son

“It’s two months since I last had a talk with you by letter, which has distressed me and even kept me awake at night, thinking…You know how I love you; you are all we have to look to, Dounia and I, you are our all, our one hope, our one stay. What a grief it was to me when I heard that you had given up the university some months ago…” (24).
Raskolnikov’s relationship with his mother and sister has led me to believe there is more to the story than we find out. It seems as though Raskolnikov was possibly his family’s ticket out of whatever rut they were stuck in or perhaps just to a better life. His mother sent him off so that he could pursue his studies and he continued that even further by tutoring to bring in income. This plan, however, did not seem to please Raskolnikov and he completely abandoned that way of life. His mother addresses in the letter she writes him that she is disappointed that he decided to give up the university, but goes on to apologize for not being able to provide him with more roubles. This odd relationship in which it seems that Raskolnikov’s mother and sister depend on him, but do everything they can to save him when he fails them puzzles me. What is so great about this man anyway? He wrote an article on all the exceptions an extraordinary man possesses in society to the point that they have the right to kill. We then see him kill two innocent women and wonder what possessed him.
I believe that this relationship between Raskolnikov and his family has possibly led to his initial belief that he is an extraordinary man. Though not all this information is presented in the text, I believe Raskolnikov’s mother to be very doting of her son. So much so, that even when he disappoints her and lets her down, she is willing to use all her resources to make sure he is taken care of. There is a point in one’s life that they must go out on their own and learn some responsibility and how to take care of themselves and others for a change and I believe Raskolnikov to have been denied of this opportunity. The early and constant doting by his mother has caused him not only to be unsuccessful in his own life, but has involuntarily led him to destroy two other lives in murder as well as the lives of those he most deeply cares about such as Sonia, Dounia, and his mother.

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